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Candied Bacon Recipe Oven

Candied Bacon Recipe Oven


  1. To prepare this Broiled Bacon Recipe 1, first bacon may be broiled over a rather dull fire, but with
    a loss of fat, which is of value.
  2. To avoid this waste, the cooking may be done in the oven.
  3. Lay the bacon, cut in very thin slices, on the wires of a double broiler, close the broiler and set it into a moderate oven over a dripping pan.
  4. Let cook until the bacon is delicately browned and crisp, then serve at once.
  5. This is one of the simplest and best ways of cooking bacon.
  6. That the bacon cook evenly, it must be sliced evenly.
  7. Lay the strip, skin side down, on a meat board, then with a strong, sharp, thin-bladed knife cut in slices as thin as possible, one after another, down to the rind; then run the knife between the slices and the rind, thus detaching them all together.
  8. Store the strip in a cool, dry place, that it may not mould and, also, that it may be sliced more readily.

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