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Best Whopper Burger King

Best Whopper Burger King

Burger King Whopper Here’s the homemade version of the Whopper, without the pre packed ingredients used at the restaurant. You can also “have it your way,” as the commercial says, by substituting your own favorite toppings.


  • 1/4 lb ground beef dash of seasoning salt dash of Accent flavor enhancer
  • 1 sesame seed hamburger bun ketchup
  • 2 dill pickle slices (flat and round)
  • 4 sliced onion rings
  • 2 tomato slices chopped lettuce mayonnaise


1. Preheat grill/griddle. If desired, these can be fried in a skillet.

2. Combine beef, seasoning salt and Accent. Don’t handle the beef too much, you want a tender burger. Shape into a large flat patty.

3. Cook to desired doneness.

4. Meanwhile, place split bun on grill/griddle to toast lightly.

5. Place patty on heel of bun; top with 3 swirls of ketchup, pickles, onion slices, tomatoes and lettuce; spread mayonnaise inside crown.

NOTE: Burger King grills their burgers and places them in a warming bin. When ready to serve, the patty is placed on the bun, placed in the microwave to heat through, then dressed as stated above. Never put mayonnaise in the microwave.

Serves 1

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