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Best White Mexican Enchiladasole Recipe

Best White Mexican Enchiladasole Recipe

White Mexican Enchiladarole

This is a very versatile recipe that is great if you want to
make a nice meal that doesnt take alot of time.
If you have the extra time you can roll the ingredients
up in a traditional enchilada shape. Usually I do that,
but when in a hurry, I just layer it all like you would with lasagna,
it comes out great in half the time!!! It’s versatile because you
can use ingredients that you have on hand, or are available at your
store, and as you will see, the quantities can be changed,
it comes out great almost no matter what you do!

Sauce Mix:
~0~ 1 – 10 oz can Campbells Celery Soup
(other brands and the low fat version work well too,
infact you can substitute with any cream soup of your liking)
~0~ 16 oz sour cream (low or full fat ok)
~0~ 2 tablespoons milk – whole, 2% or skim, all work well
(add more if your sauce looks to thick to pour easily)
Filling Mix:
~0~ 1 pkg thawed/unfrozen/defrosted (or 1 or 2 cups) (or 1, 1-1/2, or 2 lbs)
Veggie Crumbles (aka: soy protein veggie ground round).
If your store doesnt carry veggie crumbles/ground round, you can
substitute a similar qty of veggie/garden burger patties all
chopped up to look like ground crumbles.
~0~ 1 small can diced green chilis
~0~ 1 small can diced black olives
~0~ 1 pkg Lawrys taco seasoning mix
(Lawry’s is my favorite but you can use others)
~0~ 10 or 20 shakes Schilling/McCormick Mexican Seasoning
~0~ 1 onion chopped up (optional)
~0~ 2 cloves garlic (optional) (you can peel them and shred using the
small holes (parmesan grater) on your cheese grater –
it’s much easier than chopping or using a garlic press)
~0~ Leftovers (optional) add your refrigerator leftovers such as
chopped tomatoes (with or without the juice) chopped onions,
any variety of vegetables – chop them up kind of small)
Mix it all up good – no need to heat, the veggie curmbles are
cooked and everything else will cook in the oven


Spread a little of the white sauce on bottom of a casserole pan
(about 1/3 or enough to cover the pan)
cover with layer of corn tortillas (overlapping to leave no openings)
top that with the veggie crumble mix
top that with grated sharp cheddar and monterey jack cheese (about a pound)
add another layer of corn tortillas to cover it
spread the rest of the white sauce on top
bake for 20 minutes
top with a handful of the grated cheese
back in the oven until top cheese is melted
let sit for 15 minutes to set
serve with coca-cola (not pepsi!) in tall glasses with four large ice cubes each

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